Canada’s trade industry is currently going through a transition crisis. The skilled labour shortage predicted for a decade has finally arrived in British Columbia’s construction sector. According to Build Force Canada, BC is anticipating the retirement of approximately 44,200 workers within the next decade. A recent survey done by an Employer Group shows that more than 60 % of BC’s construction companies are unable to find enough workers to accommodate the industry’s high demand. With such high labour shortages, companies are forced to turn down work, spend more time on recruitment, pay more overtime, spend extra time training, and are having more difficulties completing projects on time.

It is without a doubt that British Columbia’s economy is on the rise and growing fast. According to a national study by BTY Group, BC will be ranked one of the top leaders in construction spending growth of 2021 alongside Ontario and Quebec. With a surplus of private developments and mega projects, BC has been crowned the lead in construction spending in all western provinces.

Does the construction industry have enough skilled workers to match the demand of the construction industry’s growth? According to the Canadian Apprentice Forum, approximately 47,800 certified journey persons will be required over the next decade to keep up with British Columbia’s growing economy and rising retirement rates. The industry’s future lies in the hands of the apprentices and the quality of knowledge, skill development, productivity, and safety awareness that is passed down to them.

It is through this transition crisis that the Mentorship Matters program was born. 80% of an apprentices’ learning is on the job, and mentorship is key to that. It is critical to create a shared dialogue between mentor and mentee as well as pass down knowledge and skills accumulated to new workers. In return, this focus will improve safety, productivity, quality, and client relationships provided by new apprentices/mentees while promoting a more diverse and inclusive workforce. The Mentorship Matters team recognizes the pressing need to maximize communication and skill transfer effectiveness between the apprentice and the mentor to maintain a thriving future for the construction industry. They are there to address this need in the field today. With Mentorship Matters, you choose to invest in your future and a better way to learn while building skills that will help you move forward in a robust and growing industry.

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Written by: Savannah Davis, ClearWater Communications Co.