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I am in Canada on an international work and/or study permit.  Can I apply for your Electrical Foundation (ELTT) course?

I graduated years ago and don’t have my high school transcript. How do I order one?

Does the EJTC help me apply for funding?

I need to apply for a StudentAid BC loan but I don’t know how much I’ll get approved for?

Is this course the same as the Electrical Foundations course being offered by some schools?

Am I guaranteed an electrical apprenticeship after this course?

What if I went to school in another province?

Can I get a tour of the school?

What are school hours?

I’ve taken my equivalent courses outside of Canada. Can I submit my transcripts as is?

I am currently upgrading my courses to meet your prerequisites? Can I submit my application now and forward the transcripts once completed?

I want to apply for a course not yet advertised. Can I apply now?

How often do we offer our course?

What is the Entry Level Trades Training (ELTT) Program?

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