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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Phil Daviswith a professional expressionPhil Daviswith a funny expression

Phil Davis

Managing Director

Farid Poursoltaniwith a professional expressionFarid Poursoltaniwith a funny expression

Farid Poursoltani

Director of Business Development

Kelly Kienleitnerwith a professional expressionKelly Kienleitnerwith a funny expression

Kelly Kienleitner

Chief Instructor Emeritus

Neil Normandeauwith a professional expressionNeil Normandeauwith a funny expression

Neil Normandeau

Manager, Curriculum Development

Rosa Riordanwith a professional expressionRosa Riordanwith a funny expression

Rosa Riordan

Administrative Supervisor + Program Lead

Shannon Zaharawith a professional expressionShannon Zaharawith a funny expression

Shannon Zahara

Apprentice Administrator

Erin Searlewith a professional expressionErin Searlewith a funny expression

Erin Searle

Apprentice Administrator

Blaire Westwith a professional expressionBlaire Westwith a funny expression

Blaire West

Administrative Assistant

Theresa Davidsonwith a professional expressionTheresa Davidsonwith a funny expression

Theresa Davidson

ELTT Administrator

Tara Riordanwith a professional expressionTara Riordanwith a funny expression

Tara Riordan

ELTT Administrator

Sophie Bordeuwith a professional expressionSophie Bordeuwith a funny expression

Sophie Bordeu

Financial Administrator

James McKennawith a professional expressionJames McKennawith a funny expression

James McKenna

Chief Instructor

Ryan McKinnonwith a professional expressionRyan McKinnonwith a funny expression

Ryan McKinnon


Tyler Traboulaywith a professional expressionTyler Traboulaywith a funny expression

Tyler Traboulay


Teresa Hurrellwith a professional expressionTeresa Hurrellwith a funny expression

Teresa Hurrell


Gareth Shindelwith a professional expressionGareth Shindelwith a funny expression

Gareth Shindel


Bob Marsdenwith a professional expressionBob Marsdenwith a funny expression

Bob Marsden

Part-time Instructor

Joe Jordanwith a professional expressionJoe Jordanwith a funny expression

Joe Jordan

Part-time Instructor

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